Thursday, May 17, 2018

Moving Blog to Facebook

Information about the events and activities
happening for the LEAST ministry
has been moved to Facebook.

Feel free to visit us there!
Our page is called "LEAST" on Facebook.

Please keep us in your prayers...

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Angels sent to the LEAST!

This past week, the Lord sent me
2 angels to share the joy of loving Him in the elderly...
and we had a blast!

Helping serve at one of our feedings in Santiaguito...
and 5 bed deliveries to 8 elderly in need:

And to give them a true Guatemalan experience,
we hauled wood to one of my oldest elderly...
and they fell in love with him!

Such a gift to share the joy 
of loving and serving the elderly 
with generous and wiling hearts!

Friday we went to the market and bought:

-5 lbs of corn (to make tortillas)
-3 lbs of beans (white, red, and black)
-5 lbs of sugar
-1 liter of oil
-3 large soaps for washing laundry

Thank you to all those who donated
so that we could make these surprise visits
to elderly much forgotten and alone...
tears were definitely shed!

And a special thanks to Faith and Emily
for their missionary spirits and such huge, loving hearts...
what a gift to know that we are not alone
in His service to the poor!

Sunday, April 1, 2018


Easter greetings from the LEAST!

Everyone waiting for the baker to finish baking their Holy Week treat...
Holy Week bread!

Liturgical celebrations of Holy Thursday &
Good Friday (Below)

Beautiful "alfombras" or carpets
made in the streets for the religious processions
taking place during Holy Week

A piña colada Easter treat for my cooks (their first EVER!)

So thankful for this season of new life & new beginnings...
for the miracles God has given to the LEAST...
for the people the Lord has placed in my life to support His work.

We are not alone- Jesus is Risen and His Spirit 
is at work all around us and through us.

May each of us continue to grow in confident trust of this truth!
Happy Easter...Feliz Pascua!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Eye Surgical Brigade 2018

This past week my father, Dr. Chris Wallyn,
was able to do 38 eye surgeries here in San Lucas
(32 cataract surgeries, 1 pterygium surgery & 5 eye lid surgeries)
with the help of his surgical tec & 2 nurses
(one Guatemalan and one my mother 😊)

Upon arriving, Dr. Wallyn had to have consults with 85 people
(all suffering from eye problems)
trying to solve their eye problems and schedule surgical candidates.

It is always a great blessing for me to serve the poor alongside my parents
...and that I have been able to do this with my father since 1993!

My mom was the OR nurse (picture below on the left)
My dad was able to make good use of the new microscope lens
which gives another person (or aspiring surgical student) 
the chance to observe the eye surgery (picture on the right)

A special THANK YOU to all those who did fundraising
through "Sewing for Sight" to help make this purchase...
your generosity will benefit so many people in the years to come!

The (smaller scale) cataract from one surgery (left)
I even got to "scrub in" and assist a surgery with my father on Friday!

Doing some post-op care (taking care of elevated pressure in the eye)...
such a gift to see how delicate and precious the gift of sight is.
And how incredible it is that God gives
doctors the knowledge and capacity to restore it!

Almost all the patients returning at the end of the week
for one last check up....
a special thank you to Dr. Tun and Pablo Nito
for all their help and generous service
to make this run smoothly!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Mission St. Luke & first level finished!

This past week, we had the wonderful group "Mission St. Luke"
from Texas and Oklahoma come and work for 4 days...
and in THREE of those days, 
we finished painting the entire first level
of the "annex" building in Casa Feliz!!!

The annex at the time of purchase in September 2017:

MANY thanks to Dan & Madi Moberg
for their hard work in prepping the building
with scraping off the old paint (with machetes)!


Next 2 photos are again of the entry way at the time of purchase
and the incredible transformation in only 4 months!

We tried to make the best use of the space under the 2nd floor ramp
and installed a bathroom (there was none on the first level)
and then make a washing station with small storage
under the ramp: 

The kitchen and corridor to the dining room before: 


Dining room walls before and after:

Other side of the dining room before and after:

"Many hands make light work!"
SO thankful for these ladies who made the hard work 
nothing but fun!

We had about 25 mile an hour winds
2 of the 3 days of painting....hence the windproof gear ;)

Thank you Mission St. Luke for such an incredible week....
not only in painting but also with dentistry and surgery.
It is such a gift when we come together and use our gifts
for the service of the Lord and His people.

And of course....
the FINAL reveal of the front gate!



The gratitude continues to overflow in my heart....
and excitement as we draw nearer to opening "Casa Feliz"
for the elderly!